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About Us

C & B Boiled Bagels

C & B Boiled Bagels brings New York-style bagels, Schmears, and bagel sandwiches to Wood River and contributes to the city’s downtown revitalization. We’re a “traditional New York bagel shop” with over a dozen different types of traditional boiled bagels, including both year-round and seasonal bagels, 17 different types of cream cheese, bagel breakfast sandwiches, and more. Walk inside and order “everything you’d expect from a New York bagel shop,” but you’ll need to take it to-go; inside seating is not available, as the shop is primarily designed to supply local coffee shops and restaurants with wholesale quantities of bagels.

Bringing Renovation

C&B is not only bringing about the renovation of a historic building in Wood River, but also contributing to the town’s overall downtown revitalization efforts in addition to our other business, 1929 Pizza & Wine.

For us, it’s not just restoring an old building – it’s bringing back the significance of the downtown in general. For our 1929 Pizza & Wine business, we very specifically took the worst building in all of Wood River, and we did that project first so we could show other entrepreneurs, other investors, that if you start with the worst building and make it something that people find to be an asset in their community – and you do it for right reasons – you can attract all kinds of talent.

Both C&B and 1929 are “living wage accredited,” meaning everyone who works for them earns a living wage.

Everybody that works for us – be it a dishwasher, a server, a floor sweeper – everybody starts at a living wage, and then we tip share across the board,” he said. “Our belief is that if you can build a strong middle class in a community that has been left behind, you give those people the opportunities to save money, to buy these beautiful homes that are just blocks away from our downtown that are still totally affordable. You give these people the opportunity to grow as people and follow their dreams.


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C & B Boiled Bagels

June 7, 2023/

C&B Boiled Bagels Brought to you by the people who opened 1929 Pizza & Wine, C & B Boiled Bagels…

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C&B Boiled Bagels offers more than a dozen composed vegan Schmears from Plant Based Pantry, available both on sandwiches and to go.

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